Mario Bros Online

Super Mario Bros is a cult videogame, released in 1985 by Nintendo company. Inserted into "Guinness Book" as the most sold game in history. After the drop of sales of Mario Bros, released in 1983, appearance of Super Mario Bros allowed to quickly return the sales volume to the previous level. Now Mario is one of the most famous fictious characters in the world.

Main characters in Mario game are plumber Mario and his brother Luigi (as a second player). The goal of the game is to go through Mushroom kingdom, slipping away from or exterminating the soldiers of turtle King Koopa (also known as Bowser) in order to save the princess captured by him.

Mario (or Luigi) in Mario Bros online attacks enemies by jumping on their heads (this technique kills Goomba mushrooms and temporarily neutralizes Koopa turtles, making them hide in their shells) or striking the platform, on which an opponent stands, from below. "Frightened" turtles may be used as a weapon against other enemies, by pushing the shell in front of you: after reaching high speed it carries everything before it, changes direction and can strike Mario himself. You have to avoid jumping on some enemies, e.g. Speeny potcupines, since it wounds Mario. You may kill them by throwing a fireball a them, pushing a turtle or striking a platform from below. The same thing is correct for predatory plants regularly showing up from times stuck out of the ground. Some of these tubes are entrances to a bonus level - a dungeon, where one can find small amount of coins, and at the same time shorten the way to the exit from a level. Also Mario finds sprouts, with the help of which he rises up to the clouds - a bonus level with tons of coins and absolutely no enemies.

On his way Mario picks up coins and bonuses by striking the blocks with question sign or discovering secret coins storages inside brick walls. After gathering 100 coins Mario gets an extra life. For exterminated enemies Mario gets points that don't serve any practical need - just demonstrate the skillfulness of a player.

You can play Super Mario classic directly on this page.

Use WASD to move, K to jump, and J to run / throw fireball. F - select, H - start / pause.