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Original Mario Bros is a platform arcade released by Nintendo for arcade system boards in 1983 and later ported to many game consoles including NES. The main character came into this game from a different popular 2D arcade - Donkey Kong, where his name was not Mario, but Jumper, and he wasn't a plumber, but a carpenter. Also 2 new characters appeared in the game - Mario's brother Luigi and a turtle Koopa.

The action in the first few versions of Mario takes place on one screen.

The goal in Mario Bros classic and in all Mario remakes is to exterminate all parasites. Mario and Luigi can move left and right and jump as well. The main way to attack enemies - jump striking from above a platform on which an opponent is currently moving. After such attack the enemy turns upside down. You should manage to reach him before he finds time to rerun to initial position. If you cope with this the opponent becomes completely out of action and falls down over the bottom of the screen, and to judge from a fountain of splashes, sinks in the water. If you don't - the enemy gets greater movement speed. If you strike him again and don't succeed to throw him down, he will speed up again and reach his maximum speed.

Sometimes a coin appears from a tube. If you catch it you get extra points. After reaching the necessary number of points you'll get an extra life.

Also a player can use "POW" (abbr. "power") - a block in the center of the screen, striking which you get all the enemies on a level turn upside down just like from your own strike (however if your enemy was already on his back he will return to active state). You can use "POW" only three times within one level.

Approximately after each 5 levels you are invited to play a bonus game - there are no enemies on this level, just coins, that you need to pickup within a limited time period. If you cope with gathering all the coins then besides their nominal value you get extra points, if you don't - just the cost of coins.

On this page you can Download Mario Bros using the links below:

Super Mario Bros for DOS (runs on Windows as well)

Super Mario Bros for Windows

Super Mario Bros ROM for NES

Mario Bros ROM for NES