Super Mario Flash

Mario is a fictionous character, created by designer Shigeru Miyamoto. From the moment of birth Mario has appeared in more than 200 computer games of Nintendo company. Being at first additional character in Donkey Kong game, Mario soon became the main character in the games of different generes: from sports and logic to RPG and fightings.

Mario is a short and fat Itallian plumber, who lives in Mushroom kingdom, where he has to become a hero constantly upsetting the plans of king Bowser, stealing the princess Peach and aiming at subjugating the whole Mushroom kingdom.

Being Nintendo talisman Mario is one of the most famous symbols in the history of videogames. His visial image became the synonym of Super Mario game. 285 million copies of Super Mario ROMs have been sold, which made this game the best seller of all times. Mario gave birth to a long line of licenced products, just like Super Mario Bros Flash.

Mario's character was initialy drawn in computer games with the help of 2D sprites and most of us know him in this very image. Only in several years after the first appearance he became 3-dimentional just like many other characters at that time. Mario is a short, portly plumber (initially - carpenter) who lives in an imaginary world - Mushroom kingdom. He has a brother - Luigi - plumber as well.

Mario wears different clothes but mostly prefers red shirt, blue jeans overalls, a cap with "M" letter it and white gloves.

Mass media presents Mario as kind and courageous character, who likes to eat pasta and pizza. In games (where he talks) he usually speaks English, but sometimes switches to Italian.

You can play Super Mario flash, swf-file, on the main page. Here you may play a Java version.

Enter to start the game. Then use arrows, Z and X to play Mario Bros Online.

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